How do I know if my child is ready for preschool?
Nothing is more important  in a child’s early life than time spent learning and playing with parents. A child is ready for preschool only if you are ready as a family. When a child shows increased interest in playing with other children, when you begin to sense in your child an urgency to explore, to try new things, to test physical skills, when your child becomes clearly interested in the concept of independence, of doing things for him or herself, he or she will probably enjoy preschool and thrive in this environment.
FAQ: What would a typical day be like for my child?
A typical day at Andrews Academy depends on the age of the child. When you tour the Center, you will notice the daily schedules posted on the parent board located near each room. The daily schedule that pertains to the age of your child will provide you with information regarding your child’s daily routine. Generally, the day will include: morning welcome; learning activities; outside play; lunch; rest time; afternoon snack; and afternoon activities.
FAQ: How should I dress my child?
For children under the age of three, comfortable play clothes and dress as the weather dictates. Sneakers are the safest and most comfortable footwear for active, playful children and we ask that no open toed shoes or backless shoes be worn to school. Children three years and older are required to wear The Andrews Academy School Uniform Monday through Friday. Uniforms are to be purchased through School Office. Studies have shown that there are many positive academic, behavioral and social outcomes for students adhering to a dress code.
FAQ: Does my child have to eat the lunch and snack that you provide or can we provide our own?
We provide a nutritionally balanced diet for our children at Andrews Academy.  Learning proper table manners during meals, while at the same time introducing foods that are nutritious and healthy is a perfect opportunity for learning good health and nutrition.  When children are introduced to foods that are good for them, they learn what foods are good and healthy and which foods are not.  This is a time for the children to develop good eating habits that should last them well into their adult years. We believe that allowing children to bring their own meals will take our program away from it’s goal.

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